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Our Workshops


The workshops SAT-ACT Prep, LLC provides are outlined below.  These workshops are designed to provide each participant with skills to help them throughout the college application process, test prep, interviews, and other professional development areas.

Workshops are available to individuals that are 14 years of age or older.  Registration can only be completed by:

  • Parents/guardians of the students who will be enrolled in the workshop(s).

  • Adult learners who are seeking to enroll in themselves in the workshop(s).


How to Register for a Workshop Offering Listed Below

  1. First, "Book a Consultation" by clicking here. 

    • Individuals can also find the Book a Consultation link in the header and footer of each page.

    • When one click's "Book a Consultation", one will be able to select "in person" or "virtual".

  2. During and after the consultation, course offerings and costs will be discussed. 

  3. After the consultation, individuals will be emailed the scheduling link to sign up for the course(s) and/or workshop(s) that they would like to have their child(ren) enrolled in and/or that they would like to enroll in.

  4. Payment for the course/workshop is summarized in the below description.  This will be discussed during consultation in further detail and will need to be received accordingly as stipulated during the enrollment process.

If at any time there are ever questions, we are always here to help via email at or phone at 855-SAT-ACT5 (728-2285).

Our Workshop Listings

College Coaching - College Search and Admissions
College Coaching

About the Workshop

The session is designed to help students determine colleges suited to their specifications. Individualized, detailed searches help to identify the top colleges based on GPA, target ACT score and much more. Side-by-Side School comparisons are included for up to five colleges. 

Essay Lab Workshop - The College Essay
Essay Lab

About the Workshop

This session is an individualized review of the College Essay required for the Common App.  Students bring a rough draft and improve the essay side-by-side with Mrs. Fenners.

Study Skills Workshop - Guidance, Assistance, and Support
Study Skills ~ Coming Soon! ~

About the Course

Study Skill is a workshop designed for students who need further assistance with time management, organization, notetaking, processing, focusing, and additional skills that help build life-long learners. 

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