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Study Skills
~ Coming Soon! ~

*Register Now for This Course is only for parents/guardians of students and/or adult learners currently enrolled in a SAT-ACT Prep course and want to register for this course.

About the Workshop

Study Skill is a workshop designed for students who need further assistance with time management, organization, notetaking, processing, focusing, and additional skills that help build life-long learners. 

Additional Course Information

Session Structure for Workshop

Study Skills consists of 4 - 1 hour sessions.  These 4 sessions are structured to provide students fundamental skills in a logical progression that can be universally applied to courses and topics that students are in regardless of what grade-level and/or subject matter.  This is discussed in further detail during the free consultation for the other courses.

Payment Structure for Workshop

This workshop is $350.00 and is required upon enrollment for this course. The payment method is cash only. 

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