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College Coaching

*Register Now for This Course is only for parents/guardians of students and/or adult learners currently enrolled in a SAT-ACT Prep course and want to register for this course.

About the Workshop

The session is designed to help students determine colleges suited to their specifications. Individualized, detailed searches help to identify the top colleges based on GPA, target ACT score and much more. Side-by-side school comparisons are included for up to five colleges. 

Additional Workshop Information

Session Structure for Workshop

One parent is required to attend the meeting along with the student. This is extremely beneficial to save valuable time in the college search process.

This course consists of 1 - 2 hour session.  This course is discussed in further detail during the free consultation for the other courses.

Payment Structure for Workshop

This workshop is $350.00 and is required upon enrollment for this course. The payment method is cash only. 

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