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Individualized Tutoring and Test Prep Course

Students meet one-to-one with Christie Fenners to experience the most personalized way to improve their skill set for either the SAT or ACT.

Group Tutoring and Test Prep Course

Students work together with friends or classmates of their choosing. This program affords the best of prep with the added benefit of camaraderie.

Online Virtual Tutoring and Test Prep Course

SAT-ACT Prep is located in Sparta, NJ. However, instruction is available around the globe—wherever in the world you are. Students meet face to face with Christie Fenners—no matter the distance.


Why Choose 

With expert guidance, unparalleled experience, and a proven track record of performance, SAT-ACT Prep, LLC provides each student with instruction, attention, tools, and references to achieve. 

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Quality Guaranteed

With 30 years experience, Christie Fenners enthusiastically coaches students to better negotiate the test taking process. 

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SAT-ACT Prep provides quality test prep and tutoring services.
Experienced, professional, and dedicated test prep  and tutoring company.

Christie Fenners has 30 years experience prepping students for the SAT-ACT. She is a certified teacher in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Christie has taught in public and private schools, in both the traditional classroom and self-contained setting. She was trained as a therapist with the National Institute for Learning Disabilities, and was also a Director of nationally known learning center. It was there that she was first given the opportunity to oversee training for the SAT and ACT. 


"Mrs. Fenners's program was so incredibly helpful in taking the SAT, especially in the language composition and vocabulary section and little ways to help improve your score without going through the task of having to memorize the dictionary. My second run at the test after having worked with Mrs. Fenners resulted in a very pleasing increase in my score."

Hannah G. 


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