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ACT Course Classic
(Small Group)

*Register Now for This Course is only for parents/guardians of students and/or adult learners currently enrolled in a SAT-ACT Prep course and want to register for this course.

About the Course

Starting with a complimentary consultation, this course is designed to provide 16+ hours of small group instruction with Christie Fenners. Focus areas covered during this course are related to the ACT specifically and include:

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Dual Passage Training

  • Math Traps Session

  • Tips and Strategies Review

  • Online Resources

  • Discounted Test Rehearsal

Additional Course Information

Session Structure for Course

The small group dynamic affords the benefit of peer interaction along with the essentials of test prep. This course consists of a group of four to five students. Weekend workshops are also available.

This course consists of 8-2 Hour Sessions that are scheduled upon enrollment of the small group.  

Individuals enrolled in small group courses that may miss a group session have the ability to reschedule for an individual 'make-up' session with 24 hour advanced notice and an additional fee of $100.00, which is the difference between the group and 1:1 rate.

Payment Structure for Course

This is an arranged group of four to five students.  Payment is required at enrollment.  The payment methods are:

  • Cash or Zelle (Preferred)

  • Credit Card 

  • 'Pay-as-You-Go' or 'Payment Plans' are available upon request, require additional information, and are at the discretion of SAT-ACT Prep, LLC.

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